AGM 2012 - Queens University

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Coop and Community

  • Topic: Building a community for out of town students during coop terms
  • Solutions must be realistic and voluntary
  • What benefits do people see from implementation of this program
    • Welcome wagon style welcome for off-campus housing
    • Online-system – blog ideas
    • Volunteer engsoc exchange program
      • Problems with this could be school liability
      • Needs to be completely voluntary on the participation of the school
  • Implementation
    • Do we want it only towns with engsoc schools or open to everyone?
    • Youtube bios of the cities
    • Only engineering students or everyone?
    • Maybe the need for a physical meet-up instead of online is crucial
    • Facebook page vs Website
      • Facebook page is hard to control but also self-sufficient
      • Website need to be monitored and updated to info is dynamic
  • Problems
    • Why would engsoc participate to help non paying members, they are not accountable to them so why split focus
    • The people who need this aren’t the ones who come to engsoc events to how do you target uninvolved people?
    • Time spans 4-months coops and 16-months coops what does this look like?
    • Safety of in person meetups? How can we verify if it is online registration first

Take away: A Guelph delegate will be starting a team to look into the possibility of this and see if it is something that is worth ESSCO facilitating or worth putting together resources so schools can start their own initiatives.

Data and Analytics

  • Topic: Discussing the use, benefits, and various methods of social media and online involvement tracking in engsocs
  • Facebook analytics:
    • The admin of pages has the ability to see where someone is viewing content from, how much they view it, what they are contributing
    • Useful to track how many views each post is reaching and tracking times of days vs days of the week of posting reaches different amounts of people
  • Google analytics:
    • Can be added to engsoc websites
    • You can see how people got redirected to your site, what pages they visit, and how much time they spend there
    • Most engsocs need to simplify their websites, too cluttered with content difficult to find
  • Web CT (Or other equivalent online learning system)
    • Some schools have integrated with their online system to advertise major engsoc initiatives
    • One school advertised their midterm census this way, gathering of information needs a very large sample group of both engsoc people and non-engsoc people
  • Tracking link clicks
    • Using link shorteners to track participation
    • Sending a different link to different years or programs to see different participation levels
    • Using different links for different methods, one for website, one for fb, twitter, or mailing lists
  • QR codes were found my most schools to be gimmicky and not engage users
  • Important when asking for feedback to have a clear goal of what you want and an action plan of what will happen when you get the answer
    • Some schools have to go through a research ethics department when doing feedback surveys so see if this is applicable before you send out surveys to members

Volunteer Motivation

  • Topic: How do you get students to volunteer enthusiastically and for the right reasons?
  • Rewards programs to motivate students
    • Carleton: Low perks (office space while working, one coffee a week) provides a nice incentive for people but isn’t the reason they volunteer
    • Large perks don’t motivate people to do a good job and go beyond their position
    • Perks should be appreciation not motivation
  • Transitional Aids
    • Transition manuals for directors work well for schools to pass on from term to term
    • Wiki/google docs containing info and contact information of past directors
    • Major debrief meeting after a large event to compile a transition doc
    • Apprenticeships/mentoring interested lower years to prepare them for the positions before hand
    • Idiot-proof transition docs, assume the person after you knows nothing
  • Interaction: How does exec interact with directors?
    • End of term appreciation parties
    • Communicate with them to help them feel important
    • Give them meaningful tasks
  • Improving Engsocs
    • How do you get people thinking about improving engsocs vs just fulfilling their duty?
    • Keeping things fresh and continuously implementing new ideas yourselves will make others more likely to as well
    • Give lower rank volunteers more flexibility to be creative
    • Giving everyone a title empowers them
    • Interview every director if possible
    • Carleton and UOIT use the co-curricular record, people can keep track of volunteer time and receive benefits
    • U of T uses “Ask me about EngSoc t-shirts” to engage new members