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Welcome! This Wiki will serve as a database of what Engineering Students' Societies across Canada do and how they do it. The goals of this project are to:

  • enable Engineering Students' Societies to learn from each other throughout the year.
  • serve as a place to document best practices learned from conference sessions.
  • reduce the amount of repeated sessions at conferences year-to-year.
  • Provide Council and Engineering Students with a central source for ESSCO and engineering related information.

Though managed by ESSCO, this is intended to be a collaborative effort among member Engineering Societies. Go ahead and add content - add new articles, or contribute to existing ones by adding what your school does. If you are on the current ESSCO Council and require admin access please email

Please address all other questions and concerns to or

List of Pages

EngSoc Services and Operations


Conference Session Notes


Suggestions and Requests

Not comfortable editing the wiki markup yourself? Add suggestions below instead.

  • article on student club resources
  • list of EngSoc communications media at each school
  • documented session content from ESSCO PM

External Links

  • Engineers Canada, Link
  • ESSCO Homepage, Link
  • ESSCO Facebook, Link
  • National Engineering Month, Link
  • Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Link
  • Professional Engineers Ontario, Link