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Each school had the opportunity to present their most successful services and explain how it is run, who runs it, why it’s a success, and how a similar school could implement such a service.

Carleton University -Textbook Trade, Equipment Loan Program, Leo's Lounge

Textbook Trade

Textbook trade at the beginning of each semester. ENGSOC facilitates the sale of textbooks at cost.

  • Run under academics
  • Is there a used bookstore? No. University bookstore not knowledgeable of system. Student association not knowledgeable.
  • Around 110 books in first attempt
  • Carleton Engsoc makes it clear that they are not responsibly for lost/stolen books

Similar: Also run at UofT, UOIT

Equipment Loan Program

  • A collection of commonly needed equipment (such as video cameras, portable screens for presentations, laptops, projector etc) is held at our office.
  • Students or student groups can borrow them out for free as long as it is for a student activity (ie: IEEE rents the projector when they host a formal event with a slideshow, or GNCTR uses the video camera to fill time in the lab)
  • More details here:

Leo's Lounge

  • Service is to provide the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST food on campus.
  • Completely volunteer run and items are sold slightly above cost to cover bills such as rent/utilities.
  • Examples of prices: chocolate bar for $0.75, big sandwiches for $4, chocolate milk (500ml) for $1.25.
  • More details here:

Conestoga College - Textbook Library, Lounge

Textbook Library Our school currently houses ~100 students. This has allowed us to begin a textbook library, where instead of people selling off their used textbooks, they can donate them to the society. We then compile the books into our "library" which allows us to do daily/nightly loans and photocopies of pages. This allows our students to not spend money on recommended but not mandatory books, use a book when they leave theirs at home and use books to get assignment questions.

Lounge Our Engineering lounge provides a lot of different services for our students. It has a projector, 2 desktop pc's loaded with Solidworks, AutoCAD, Visual Studio, etc., a telephone, fridges and microwaves, water, popcorn, coffee, condoms, pens - all for free. The room has a keypad so that only our program can use the space. The benefits of this space are pretty much self explanatory.

Guelph University - Printing


  • Printing for all engineering labs (9 cents/page)
  • Every student starts with 1 dollar of print credit uses a program called P-credit to track quota
  • Can print to any lab on campus using engsoc quota
  • Integrated into central IT infrastructure, may be related to specific engineering computing department
  • Can set a minimum low balance to allow for free printing
  • The Engsoc actually has to do maintenance on the printers and owns all the printers in the engineering labs/buildings; otherwise you need to print at a lab
  • Printing from personal computers or laptops works only with remote login to university account
  • Different print sizes (11x17 etc) are also available

Laurentian University - Students Lounge

Students lounge

  • Basic service with couches, tables, cable tv, N64.
  • Faculty is also allowed in.
  • Often used as a place to sleep
  • LU has 300 students total
  • 1 key to access the room. The key is kept in a locker and all eng students have the locker combination

Similar: Waterloo lounge called POETS, managed by 4 managers who are trusted to ensure programming is kept up to standards; managers set hours and plan events that use the space. POETS sells Beer on Thursday and Friday

McMaster University - Drain, Team and Club Websites


  • Merchandise store and event tickets (also sells department events)
  • 1 manager volunteer right now but might switch to paid in the future
  • Volunteer based
  • Method for first years to become involved

Team and Club Websites

We are going to be implementing a system this year to eliminate the need for teams and clubs to pay for their own websites, or even to update them: Our AVP Clubs will be inviting Computer/Software/ECE related students to apply for a position as a webmaster of sorts, and the MES will be pairing them up with our teams and clubs (department clubs especially) to build and maintain a website for them. This will be a service to the webmaster applicants, as it is resume experience. It's also a service to our teams and clubs, as we will now be hosting their websites for them. And finally, it's a service to the whole student population, since they will now have up-to-date, modern websites informing them of department-club, and team/club events and plans.

Queen's University - Clark Pub

Clark Hall

  • Student bar owned and run by ENGSOC, the building is owned fully by the students
  • The pub has existed for 40 years
  • Open 3 nights a week, other nights can be booked. Private events can be licensed but have a bar minimum enforced buy deposit.
  • Corporate accounting
  • Pitchers are reasonably prices ~14.5
  • Bands often play at CHP, they now have a house band.
  • The patio around CHP is licenced occasionally, hemmed in with orange ski fencing (approximately 3x a semester, mostly when the weather is nice) These outdoor events are sponsored by Molson
  • Full trained professional staff, with manager (yearly turnover); full time bar ‘adviser’.
  • CHP was shut down a number of years ago, due to shoddy practices; CHP eventually became separate from ENGSOC
  • CHP is open to all students, students from other schools can be signed into CHP, similar to other bars
  • Student security for bars, run by student union

UOIT - Tech Related Services

Tech related services

  • Talk to Engsoc feature on website
    • UoiT feels that students don’t want email due for convenience and identity emails
    • You can submit any question or comments to talk to engsoc anonymously
    • An FAQ has been added to cover frequent questions
    • The relevant VP or officer takes charge of the submitted comments
    • All comments are discussed at each EngSoc meeting, discussion is entered into the minutes
    • Talk to EngSoc is also being used similar to ‘post secrets’ to poll students about problems they may be having with life in Eng.
  • All society documents are on scribe and can be viewed by anyone with credentials
  • Bios use a service called ‘about me’ that acts as a digital business card
    • About Me allows anyone to schedule a meeting with any officer, their calendars are viewable (the program integrates with google calendar through google apps)
    • About Me forces you to select at least 2 possible meeting slots to provide flexibility
    • In the past 2 weeks, the entire life of the service, About Me has shown 3 meetings booked, 2 by outside business interests (sponsorship)
  • UOIT has created its own google search page for their EngSoc, with branding and hot links to UoiT sites. This site was created from scratch by UOIT Executives.
  • UOIT is currently planning on setting up an online merch store, integrating it with their existing web architecture. The issue with this is that their student association will not allow for the society to own their own bank accounts

University of Waterloo A - Coffee and Donut Shop, Bulk office supplies

Coffee and Donut shop (C&D)

  • 60C coffee, ~$3 lunch
  • Incredibly lucrative business, franchises
  • Great demonstration of the value of EngSoc fees
  • Many different foods supplied
  • Our Engsoc business manager is paid for primarily from C&D
  • C&D also contributes to the capital improvement fund
  • Van Hoot coffee
  • Grosses ~$100,000 per year

Bulk Office Supplies We buy bulk school supplies like paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers etc and sell them in our office. It is quick and easy for students to buy school supplies! We also provide printing and binding services for a good price.

University of Waterloo B - Resume Critiques

Resume Critiques

  • Predominantly first year students have been using this service
  • Important due to Coop cycles, often have students with no job search experience are searching for jobs
  • Resume writing is a part of the first year engineering curriculum, all students are assigned a ‘lab’ session in their first year concepts courses where resume training is provided from a professional
  • CECS and the Society allows volunteers to be trained by the university to critique resumes
  • Waterloo runs interview workshops as well and attempts to pair students based on discipline

Similar: At Queen's PandG comes in 2x a year to conduct mock interviews