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Discussion Topics

  • Are any of these traditions “frowned upon” by the faculty/administration or student body
  • How do you ensure that these traditions are carried on?
  • What “traditions” have been recently started and are useful for raising spirit?
  • Does your EngSoc separate tradition organizing groups from the EngSoc?

Schools Responses

Carleton University

  • They have a gong (represents the ‘gong’ show).
  • Faculty is ok with anything the EngSoc do. But Student Experience was not, they even told the EngSoc that they would hire students to pretend to be frosh and moderate what the leaders are saying and doing. For example, they are not allow to sing most eng hymm.

Conestoga College

  • They initiate new exec.

Lakehead University

  • For transition for college students they take their students on a mystery trip in order to get to know each other, and they also have a nursing and engineering semiformal.
  • We just got a mascot!

Laurentian University

  • Break into a first year classroom, and they bring a rope and tape the frosh onto the rope. They then transport the students o the gym. This becomes tough around corners. They sometimes have to cut the rope into two if students get pinned. Then they give the frosh into diapers and hardhats.
  • Had a problem with purple footprints, and might be charged if those footprints cleaning up.

McMaster University

  • Doesn’t have faculty support. Faculty is fed up with their EngSoc because of the faculty cup (Health Side won the cup this year, and went to party to the Eng Pub and it got stolen by an engineering student and concrete was poured into, and now the cup is wrecked.) as well they got in trouble because of a car was put in the student lounge.
  • Writing proposals to explain purpose and execution and risk management to administration will help open the lines of communications.

Queen’s University

  • Golden Party Armor – Their jackets
  • Grease Pole 1955 – on the Saturday of every frosh week, they go to a secret location and get the frosh to climb this pole. They cover the pole in grease. The reason for the climb of the pole is a welcome to engineering at Queen’s. The frosh need to pull a tam from the top of the pole so that they can become “a year”. Everyone works together, even the leaders that were yelling at the frosh the previous days are their helping the frosh get the thing at the top! Students say it’s the best day of their life! Queen’s has a safety measure that if students feel uncomfortable they yell break, and everything stops.
  • The faculty and administration worked with the society to put some regulations in place at the event such as two ambulance on site, security, pole manual, fenced off area, warming buses. The administration demands that all of the safety bases are covered each year in order to continue the tradition of Grease Pole. Sometimes it’s hard to explain the value of traditions to administration, especially when there is media pressure. It took time to find a medium between the students and the administration on their views on how to run the grease pole.
  • Homecoming was cancelled due to an event in 2004, and the Alumni has kind of stepped away from coming back for homecoming. So now, they have tried to create a new separate event at a different time to try and gain Alumni support.
  • Have a meeting with the dean every month to discuss upcoming events and try to find a balance about keeping traditions.

Guelph University

  • The stick – they get the president to lick all four sides and they get the first years to lick it afterwards. It’s been around for at least 5 years.
  • Administration does not like the idea of the licking of the stick. Faculty is ok with their students licking the stick.


  • New school since 2003, hasn’t had time to start a new tradition, altho they dye their students blue rather than purple because their justice group at their school uses the colour purple.

University of Ottawa

  • During frosh week, they have messy day, and that is how you earn their coveralls and hardhats. They gather their frosh to take a picture, and water gets dropped on them. And then get the frosh to lay butt to face and get food spread on them. And then they get to walk around time, and they have to get pales of water from the canal and get the frosh all cleaned off. And then take them out
  • Has a great relationship with their faculty and their dean! They have more problems with their student societies.

University of Waterloo A

  • EdCom – a bunch of volunteers, and they are behind the scenes volunteers. They have a ‘badass’ look. They are frosh controllers. They get to boss around frosh, and students want to become EdCom in order to boss around the following years.

University of Waterloo B

  • Tool – it’s their mascot. It’s a wrench that has a bunch of set rules such as no one can touch it unless you have graduated, and every student wants to touch it. Everyone recognizes it, and everyone works towards graduating and trying to touch the tool.
  • Got a student relations position. This person is the liaison between the EngSoc and the faculty. This person listens to both sides and tries to negotiate. (if you can’t afford a students relations person then try to be friends with someone in the faculty who will listen to the students and that the faculty respect.)

Windsor University

  • They convince their frosh to go out for a jog (11:30 am) without clothes in order to gain their coveralls for free.


  • Pineapples
  • Party Barrel – a barrel that people pour every kind special beverage. And everyone takes a drink.

Discussion and Issues:

  • Did you find that your Alumini has helped you keep traditions?
  • 5 schools have their EngSoc linked with the traditions organizing groups.


  • Start a student relations position.
  • Make sure that the traditions have a purpose! And when someone wants to take it away, you are able to explain its purpose and why it should be kept! If possible explain the purpose of the tradition before someone starts to question and find it an issue so that everyone is on board.
  • Don’t get in trouble doing stupid things for no reason.