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Wonderland Math and Physics Day Development

Ideas Brainstormed

  • High school students build marble-roll roller coasters
  • ESSCO volunteers to help judge
  • Hand out pamphlets illustrating famous engineers and "Did You Know's" - different designs and content based on age group
  • Bridge-building competition
  • Collaboration activities: e.g. tower-building
  • Create information website with a list of schools and disciplines offered
  • Scavenger hunt around the park for peole dressed as famous engineers
  • Change or create a new physics quiz questionnaire
  • Sticker collection for participation
  • Volunteers wear hardhats and coveralls, but be careful not to turn into a school promotion

National Engineering Month Development

Ideas Brainstormed

  • Get a director from each school involved ASAP
  • Include middle school students - lots of enthusiasm in that age group
  • Video can be shortened, sped up, and kept consistent in quality
  • Marketing: social media, Daily Planet (clip at end of episodes), involve high school teachers, television and radio
  • Possibly involve CFES for a nation-wide Rube Goldberg machine

Team Organization and Technology

Tools Recommended

  • Trello: manages multiple tasks
  • Whatsapp: free texting, group message feature
  • FM Teleconference Software: all meetings are recorded, voting and chat features included
  • Wiki: a more organized alternative to Google Drive
  • Doodle: scheduling and voting

OSPE Presentation

Key Points

  • Student ambassadors are present at each campus
  • CSPE gives grants to ESSCO and OSPE. Promote the scholarships (
  • Membership benefits: affinity programs, become involved in community, networking opportunities

Succession Planning

Finding Candidates

  • Have both appointed and elected members
  • Shoulder-tap good volunteers and invite them personally to events
  • Hold a drop-in session
  • Use unconventional methods - seek out first-years that seem interested
  • Use conferences and engineering competitions to seek out and encourage likely candidates
  • Be informed on all the positions so you can answer questions on the spot


  • Be unbiased, espcially regarding relations with school student union
  • Do what is most comfortable: may be meetings, or reports
  • Focus on new ideas that the incoming person may need help with
  • Let them learn from your mistakes
  • Continually write your report throughout the year; don't leave it to the end as you forget things
  • Be accessible after your term ends
  • Job shadowing for the incoming person

OEC Info Session

Key Points

  • OEC 2014 is hosted by UOIT
  • Theme is Automotive Engineering
  • There will be a parliamentary debate and career fair
  • Approx. fee to attend is $200
  • There will be a programming category